What defines a city?  
Who are the storytellers of its history? 
How do we shape our identities amidst the dynamic interplay of spatial transformation and personal interactions?
And what role does digital transformation play?

Berlin is a place of constant change – a place where different worlds come together. These different cultural identities broaden horizons and provoke subjective points of view. The history of the city evolves from this intricate urban tapestry.

The URBAN IMMERSION – Gesellschaft, Kunst und Geschichte neu erlebt summit will explore how we can use digital and immersive media, as well as artificial intelligence, to understand new and old narratives of urban history, to make them tangible – and ultimately to shape them ourselves.

In workshops, discussions and interactive sessions, we'll explore these questions with distinguished speakers. Our aim is to foster understanding and empathy for the vast changes taking place in urban environments, and to develop practical proposals for navigating technological advances in society and urban historiography.

Furthermore, we will showcase immersive and digital installations within the historic halls of St. Elisabeth's Church, exploring the the dynamic interaction between analogue history and the digital future.

URBAN IMMERSION – Gesellschaft, Kunst und Geschichte neu erlebt is an event by INVR.SPACE and was awarded a prize by the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises as part of the "Innovative Formate 2024" competition.