WEDNESDAY, 05.06.24


Benjamin Busch - Scanning the Horizon: An Immersive Archive

05 – 06.06    WEDNESDAY  – THURSDAY
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal 

With his interactive Virtual Reality installation, Scanning the Horizon: An Immersive Archive, Benjamin Busch maps out spaces significant to Berlin’s various queer communities. Since 2021, he has visited more than thirty spaces and scanned them using the digital imaging technique of spatial LiDAR scans. The three-dimensional point cloud virtual reality maps of legendary bars like Ficken 3000, the party series Gayhane at SO36, and cultural institutions such as Sonntags-Club, are enhanced with field recordings and audio interviews with their operators, alluding to the many untold stories to which these spaces are home.

Co-presented by Radiance VR.

Christian Vium - 
Tales of a Nomadic City 

05 – 06.06    WEDNESDAY  – THURSDAY
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal

Tales of a Nomadic City is a long-term collaborative research project spanning two decades. Centred on Nouakchott, the capital city of Mauritania, and its peripheries, it assembles oral histories, vernacular archives, rare archival film and photographs, a feature documentary about the city, as well as a VR experience (made with Mauritanian filmmaker Med Lemine Rajel). The material is progressively given form and published in books, exhibitions, and online, meeting various audiences and inviting people to revise the history of the city.

Project director Christian Vium is Associate Professor in anthropology and a visual artist specialised in co-creative multimodal methodologies and archival research. He has conducted recurrent fieldwork in Nouakchott for two decades and his monograph ‘Ville Nomade’ was awarded the coveted Prix HSBC. 

Tom Korn -
flauschiger Realismus

05 – 06.06    WEDNESDAY  – THURSDAY
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal 

Tom Korn has long been interested in building structures and facades in his artistic work. In particular, the recurring patterns of hotel buildings and other vacation architecture, detached from their actual purpose, inspire him to create pictorial representations that can unconsciously be reminiscent of constructive or concrete works of art.

This is where his artistic approach is derived from: to depict beauty through the repetition and sequencing of built elements by means of perspective and design.

At the URBAN IMMERSION Summit, Tom Korn will be showing velour carpet collages of European hotel façades. He has been using velour carpet in its infinite range of colors to create collages for a long time. Drawing patterns, cutting carpet, puzzling, gluing - painting with other means. From room-filling works to a series of hundreds of postcards in A6 format, everyday life is translated into artistic works. This handcrafted inlay technique is also applied to PVC floor coverings and real wood veneer.