THURSDAY, 06.06.24


Maja Dierich Hoche –
Skulpturale Malerei in VR

06.06    THURSDAY     9:00 – 12:00 Uhr
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal

Virtual reality (VR) and an associated hybrid living environment will expand design processes in the field of fine art in the coming years. Painting, graphics and sculpture as well as interdisciplinary forms of practice will merge in a highly immersive design process. Digital space has long since conquered art and given rise to new art forms. So what do VR applications look like in the art world?
For the integration of artistic mediation, the task arises of integrating extended virtuality into aesthetic educational processes and understanding these as supplementary approaches and extended possibilities of experience.

The workshop “Sculptural Painting in Virtual Reality” aims to sensitize participants through practical experience and reflection on artistic design in immersive virtual spaces and to enable them to create innovative works of art that can serve as critical reflections on digital modernity.
Entry level: beginner-advanced

Target group: art/culture mediators, designers, (digital) creators. 

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Dinesh Punni & Anna Punni - immersive Insiders

06.06    THURSDAY     12:30 – 14:00 Uhr
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal

immersive insiders is an online education platform focused on AR/VR Design and Development. They prepare their students for careers in immersive tech. Beyond our self-paced courses and live classes, they have been fostering an active community of over 30,000 XR enthusiasts on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn by creating XR-relevant content for over 5 years. They also assist companies in finding suitable XR professionals tailored to their requirements.
In the Workshop the founders team will provide an introduction to XR-Design.

The session is held in English.

Dinesh Punni is an XR Educator, Content Creator, and Public Speaker. He uses his 7+ years industry experience to pave the way for upcoming talents by teaching them how to create immersive experiences on his YouTube channel and immersive insiders, his online education platform.

Anna Punni is a UX Designer at immersive insiders. She has over 6 years of experience with a strong focus on user research and accessibility. At Immersive Insiders, Anna teaches students the key aspects of UX design for XR. 

Projekt INSPIRER x 
Hostile Spaces 

06.06    THURSDAY     14:30 – 17:30 Uhr
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal

The AR project “from hostile to hospitable” draws attention to hostile architecture in Berlin's urban space: more or less discrete measures of urban design to displace certain groups of people and behaviors. Hostile design includes, for example, armrests on benches that are intended to prevent people from lying down, or devices on potential seating areas that make it impossible to linger there. People experiencing homelessness are particularly affected by this strategic discrimination. The app invites you to discover places with hostile design and to hear from those affected themselves how these measures affect their everyday lives.

As part of the interactive AR session at the Urban Immersion Summit, visitors will have the opportunity to recognize hostile design in urban spaces and replace it with people-friendly, inclusive alternatives.

»from hostile to hospitable« was created in collaboration between the artist Martin Binder, the AURORA XR School of Artists at HTW Berlin and people affected by hostile architecture - supported by homeless organizations such as querstadtein e.V., the Berlin City Mission and UfO - Union for Homeless Rights.