Friedrich Liechtenstein -
Between Two Plants

05.06    WEDNESDAY     from 6:30 PM
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal

Join Friedrich Liechtenstein at the URBAN IMMERSION Summit on a journey through his diverse artistic work.

We will ask Friedrich about his experiences as a performer in the city and explore how he rediscovers the history of the city. We'll look at the media that fascinate him and discuss why immersive media is particularly appealing. We'll also draw connections to Berlin's history to understand how immersive media can offer new perspectives on the past.

In this format, Friedrich will share insights into his personal history, including his theatre experiences and encounters in different parts of Berlin. We'll delve into questions of recent cultural history and explore how AI might reshape our perception of the city.

Gain a unique insight into the mind of Friedrich Liechtenstein and expect a stimulating discussion on the pressing issues of our time. The conversation will be hosted by Julia Rommel.

Philipp Johann Thimm -

05.06    WEDNESDAY     from 6:30 PM
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal

PHILIPP JOHANN THIMM is a musical phenomenon who has implanted parts of his soul on what feels like every other record that has been created in Berlin over the last ten years. Whether as a multi-instrumentalist, composer or producer, you can always hear his heavenly buzz and something abysmal somewhere, or an element that wants to reach for nature and eternity at the same time. This is probably due to the fact that he comes from the Allgäu. He has worked in the studio with Ellen Allien, Moderat, Casper, Haftbefehl, Kraftklub, Jan Blomqvist, Thees Uhlmann, David Lemaitre and many more.

He toured the world with his first band ABBY and was soon taken under the masterful wing of Sascha Ring (Apparat). With Apparat, he created numerous internationally award-winning works such as the album “LP5”, which earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Electronic Album in 2020. With the help of family and friends, he has now created twelve tracks for his first own album. “Birds Singing Till The World Ends” was released on September 8, 2023. 

Philipp Johann Thimm on YouTube.

Palast der Erinnerung & Urban Mindscape

05 – 06.06    WEDNESDAY  – THURSDAY
Elisabeth Kirche, Hauptsaal

1/ The Palace of the Republic is a building and a symbol that now only exists in people's minds. But memories are unreliable, incomplete, sometimes transfiguring. And they can change, and also be altered or completely recreated. In the “Palast der Erinnerung”, people's memories are overlaid with new images and experiences. Artificial neural networks (AI) conceal an infinite number of previously undiscovered images and narratives that test our understanding of truth and our changeable memories. With artistic naivety, this participatory installation poses questions about historical truths, about personal and social history, and about the power of images. Cyberräuber will present their installation at the Urban Immersion Summit, which will open at the Humboldtforum in Berlin on June 15, 2024.

2/ The Urban Mindscape project is a collaborative research study combining neuroscience and architecture through immersive communication tools and cutting-edge technology. Bringing together insights from both fields, the project aims to design improved urban environments based on positive human experiences. The study examines how different modes of urban mobility—walking, cycling, and driving—affect mental well-being. It employs virtual reality within a dome setting, enabling participation from diverse groups, including those who are neurodiverse or have disabilities. By using biometric sensors, eye tracking, and EEG, alongside questionnaires, the project seeks to uncover the intricate impacts of urban travel on mental health. The results will guide interventions and policy changes aimed at improving mental well-being through thoughtful urban planning.